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We customize your labels in terms of both price and design


We manufacture your label in our solidarity sewing workshops in Africa

Travelers are sensitive to sustainable development, for them, Lygo manufactures fair and ecological luggage luggage labels in solidarity workshops in Africa. We have successfully supported travel agencies for over 10 years. Solidarity is better.


We specialize in the custom manufacturing of personalized luggage tags for responsible travel agencies concerned with their image. Our advertising luggage tag holders are fully customizable in terms of color, material and size.


We can propose to manufacture them in cotton like bazin, indigo, drill, or traditional loincloths. We also have ecological luggage tags in rice bags, recycled luggage tags in inner tubes.


At Lygo we are manufacturers of luggage tags each product is sewn fairly in our solidarity sewing workshops in Senegal.


Do not hesitate to come to us with your specific project.


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Whatever name we give them: luggage tag, travel tag, luggage tag, airplane luggage tag, luggage tag holder, or luggage tag holder they are essential advertising media for travel agencies.


Did you know that your travelers keep an average of 5 years your tags on their luggage!


At Lygo we welcome travel agencies who wish to find a different well-designed luggage label with values ​​of sharing and solidarity.

This is why we offer:


  1. Cotton luggage tags

  2. Recycled travel labels

  3. LUXE label holders

  4. Leather luggage tags


All our labels are delivered with a cardboard for the coordinates that we can personalized together with the text of your choice to highlight your commitment to work with our social enterprise.


All of our labels are made in our solidarity workshops in Senegal which provide work for people living in extreme poverty. Find out more

All our luggage tags are customizable.

You choose :


  1. colour,

  2. format

  3. size,

  4. matter.



And thus adapt your luggage tags to your budget.

Baggage tags have become mandatory during certain transportations, this travel accessory makes it possible to identify your customers' luggage while providing them with a fair touch.


So it's a great idea to have luggage tags with your logo to offer your customers.


We can produce luggage tags from 500 pieces.


Do not hesitate to also visit our catalog of gift ideas in which you will find solutions to congratulate your best customers and your employees.

Lygo is specialize in the custom manufacturing of travel pouches and luggage tags

Are you looking for a customisation luggage tag? in cotton ? ecological? beautiful ? and made fairly?

At Lygo we are specialists in the custom manufacturing of customizable luggage tags. All our luggage tags are produced fairly in our solidarity workshops in Senegal.

For 10 years we have been creating exclusive collections of pouches for responsible travel agencies and matching personalized luggage tags.

How to customize our advertising baggage label models?

From standard models and customize the size, color, material.

For larger quantities, we can create an exclusive personalized travel package for you.

We also offer eco-friendly luggage labels recycled from rice bags and inner tubes.

Rice bags are also used for eco-friendly travel pouches.


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